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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 4th May 2015 to 10th May 2015

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to try a different strategy. Watch and learn from strangers, especially those who are very different from you. Old routines or patterns will not work for you, this week. You need to look at things from a wider perspective. New experiences will find their way into your life. An early start to the week will increase your chances for success. Your timing still isn't perfect, but if you're determined, everything will move along fine at it's own pace. When your breakthrough comes late in the week, you may want to be alone with your thoughts. Swimming by yourself is much better than sinking. So much the better, if everyone wants to do their own thing. Don't expect too much assistance from friends or family members who don't understand your motives. They may help you but they will expect something from you in return. Lucky Numbers: 10, 14, 20, 24, 30, 41 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


NOTHING on this planet, outside of your 'own home/house' [which runs a damn close second!...] is more important to you than your family. Fulfilling their needs and quelling their insecurities helps you to do the SAME thing to your own! Show them how 'strong' you can be, as your stars will never be better for weeks/months than they are now for 'stability' and avoid stressing your physical body out the 7th into 8th, as you are a bit 'vulnerable' to illness, injury and typical 'things that wear a body down'.


Emotions are sensitive the 4th to 7th and when Venus enters Cancer itself ON the 7th, your 'sensitivity quota' rises sharply once again! EVERYTHING is 'magnified'. Some may be 'blown out of proportion' or just 'seem or feel' that way. TAKE your time and do NOT 'act fast' on anything; good or bad! There are so many promising days for singles they are too many to mention but your 'best of the best' seems to be later on the 8th. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Hearing from pals a 'distance away' is very likely this week, as are 'invitations' both expected and unexpected along with 'sudden and last minute'. Topping the list are those you've not 'seen or hear from in a long time' followed by those a 'greater distance away'. Any or all can happen from simple text messages and phone calls to actual 'feet on your doorstep' or invitations in your ear! Enjoy!


Things appear to flow very easily early in the week and cooperation is excellent but some of you may find that after the accomplishments of the 6th there is a 'down hill quality' to some career related energies or events. You can pull the 'fat from the fire' far more easily the 7th. In fact, unemployed Crabs find HOT employment 'offers' may be common place near the 6th to 11th.