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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 25th August 2014 to 31st August 2014

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by disappointment in a friend or lover and/or the realization that you have been neglecting your own needs for socializing, affection, and companionship is indicated. In either case, loneliness and feelings of desolation may arise. Perhaps you are sacrificing pleasure and love for the sake of achievements or to meet responsibilities. However, if you find yourself really unhappy right now, you probably need to reassess the balance in your life between work and play, between emotional needs and practical concerns. Lucky Numbers: 10, 18, 34, 43, 44, 47 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Once you conquer the small hassles of the 25th, the rest of the week should be 'typical' enjoyable and filled with 'the kind of accomplishments' that make you FEEL that you are 'really getting somewhere'. Cooperation actually improves over the 28th to 30th and any 'planned gatherings' set for the 28th to 30th appear to do well; those on the 31st may have an 'odd start' to them, but get rolling 'right off the bat' only to complicate near noon and then improve again, possibly with help from Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo or Capricorn.


Sentimental love does well this week AGAIN, as you seem to be on some kind of 'roll' that is STILL going....much has to 'be in place' the 25/26th for 'ideal plans' to work well an a feeling of 'togetherness' the 28th to 31st must 'flow continuously' [one day to the next], for you to FEEL it and the benefits from it. Single Crabs may find that MATCHES this week are highly productive, rather easy to slip into and hold the potential to be 'life long' or end in 'ultimate tradition' like at the alter. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


This week it is TIME to 'recall' some of those MANY favors you've done back to the FLOOD!... There are several owed to you, and you must be brave enough to tactfully point them out and then hit them with your request. A pal may be 'in the middle of a life lesson' this week near the 27/28th and require some help; think LONG and HARD about it and your 'role' your place and position before doing 'too much' as it is possible the cosmos may be spanking someone and WANTS that to happen. You tend to rescue indiscriminately.


Not much problem on or with career fronts this week and 'FRONT' is the right word. You appear to be 'moving forward' and at a crisp pace, I might add. Those of you who hit this one, may get help from power people right from the start of the week the 25th, again on the 26th and additional help near the later hours of the 27th into 28th. Some boss or 'big client' may be trying hard to 'make you life easier' for some reason and it could push you out of your comfort zone; here we go with NOT being able to 'accept anything' again. Just SAY "thank you!" and move on and leave that 'old comfort zone' for someone else who is 'moving up'.