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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 5th October 2015 to 11th October 2015

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to utilize your creative talents. Take time to do some writing, whether it's correspondence, poetry or keeping a journal. Be supportive and you will be able avoid confrontations. Take time out for yourself. A new outfit, hairstyle or image will lift your spirits. You can meet new partners if you take part in social activities that involve colleagues. You will receive compliments for your efforts. Stop using emotional head games on your mate or you can expect your relationship to end. Look into intriguing activities and hobbies and do your own thing rather than complain. Don't press your luck with loved ones. It is best not to nag or criticize. You can mesmerize anyone you meet if you use your natural charm! Lucky Numbers: 9, 16, 23, 28, 29, 32 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Unity is SO important to you and the week starts out with rich, sensitive emotions the 5th into 6th and the 'feeling' of unity may be threatened or altered in some way, so as to make you feel a level of 'discomfort' insecurity or reason to 'pause' or hesitate. Once we clear the AM of the 7th, you are good to go; full steam ahead and mend fences and bolster unity! Spending on 'practical needs' may sky rocket near the 8th to 11th especially if you have youth in the house of educating age, OR, intend to 'stock the shelves' for some reason.


Romantic love does not suffer this week but other forms of 'love' may find your heart a target for painful arrows. Youth can strike at the center of a delicate issue and 'plow in' like a bull in a China shop. Handle all forms of love from 'tough love' to tender mercies very carefully and with forethought. As for 'candidates' for single Crabs; they are SCARSE, scant and vaporized. Upgrades on established status IS likely but even THAT may move slow and unreliably. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Personal issues are DEEPLY and very strongly felt this week, especially the 5th into 6th and for many Crabs this can be 'multidimensional'. For those who 'hit' this one; Leo, Cancer, Aries and Libra appear likely candidates and loyalty, length of service or attachment and social standing, along with 'family ties' [are there other friendships with other members of a particularly family and they with yours] may determine just what happens and how it is handled but whatever it IS... it is very important to be handled RIGHT this week, as you may not HAVE a 'second chance' to get it right the 1st time.


This is a very challenging week for the Crab and around every corner is some level or kind of 'annoyance' that almost seems to be personally stuck there JUST for you to discover! The actual truth of the matter is, you are not so much the target for one side or the other... as it is that you are likely to be the field on which the whole battle takes place. Many of you will be worn totally OUT by the 8th and not feel the improvement of Mercury direct on the 9th.