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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 1st September 2014 to 7th September 2014

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your plans to conquer your world. You'll have plenty of ideas, but you must be careful not to take on too much. Less is best this week. Arguments will evolve if you are overly opinionated. Secret information will aid you and hard work will pay off. Your concern with financial security will prompt you to find out more about investments. You'll meet interesting new people if you attend events. If you focus on what's really important to you, success will follow. If you recognize your limitations and ask for assistance, you will do much better than even you anticipated. Stress & long hours can cause havoc on your health. Find yourself a healthy regime of stress reducing exercise and healthier eating and you'll be able to think and work more effectively. Complete those jobs that have been nagging you lately. Lucky Numbers: 14, 16, 27, 36, 38, 40 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


You appear cheerful and well grounded and many of you may get on 'domestic order or seasonal tears' where you want to just rip everything down to the bare bottom and clean, organize or 'start all over again' from there. My sense of it is that She Crabs will attack closets, shelves, pantries and drawers while He Crabs may start 'doodling in the garage' and end up totally redoing things there or in the basement, workshop or truck, trunk or car! Looks like lots of family gatherings starting as soon as the 3/4th and spilling over into the weekend, with a warning for 'too much emotion likely' for the 7th, which is your 'poorest' and ONLY 'challenging day' of the whole week.


This is an excellent week for love as the Crab can almost SMELL that full moon coming the 8th. THAT full moon and the 'days leading up to it' are likely to bring a HEFTY cross section of Crabs 'the kinds of things they have dreamed of and been waiting for all their lives'. Man, there are going to be some LUCKY Cancers out there! It's like the Cosmos is 'dishing it up' for paired or single Crabs ALL OVER THE WORLD; bringing them security in several forms. EVEN for those poor Crabs who MAY have been swept up in the huge LOSSES from this CRAZY weather we have been having!!! Security does not just come from 'a house' it comes from a home, a family and ONE person who loves you more than their socks! [I love my socks VERY much...I am a Sock Freak! Not many people know that about me; now they do!...] Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Whatever it IS you may NEED this week, just like magic, a pal is likely to have it for you. PISCES plays a BIG role and they may do you 'favor, after favor, after favor' right down to opening their home for you! Other Signs you can turn to with great success this week are Libra, Capricorn, other Crabs, Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo.... before you can FINISH the sentence...!


Those of you who 'travel for a living' will have huge profits this week. Those of you who 'travel to interview' will most likely eventually GET the position you seek, though it MAY be 'a different one' than you sought' for Crabs who hit this one-there's more power or money in it; it may be best to take it! Some of you hit HOT home runs, right out of the ball park, especially the 4th and everyone around can hear the 'crack' feel that lovely 'pause' before everyone leaps to their feet to cheer and remember the sound of the praise all the days of your life. IF you are a teen or youth on a sports or football team; watch out! This one MAY be literal!