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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 8th February 2016 to 14th February 2016

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to face the challenges at hand. You have a reputation for your fearlessness. If you aren't already in control, you soon will be. You'll feel a new energy that's been building up inside you for some time. You need to change with the times. An old schedule or budget may no longer be relevant. The world awaits your next move so don't waste this rare opportunity. Luck is on your side as long as you are reasonable in what you ask for. Confidence and hard work are an excellent combination to get the job done right. Someone may mistake an incomplete picture for the final product. Don't compound things by being defensive. It's hard for them to accept a change when they're happy with the way that things have been. People who are usually hard to sway will be convinced by your knowledge of the finer details. Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


You want a happy home and you want it this week -- and if that is true, your WISH is granted! The cosmos shows 'revealing emotional discussions' are likely and WITH them, some 'truths' that may 'set you free' OR... set free the psyche of another member. Be supportive and understanding [like I have to tell YOU that!] matter what the topic and encourage spouse and other members to be tolerant 'as well' like it or not, especially IF you are dealing with a 'very young' person or any who are mentally or emotionally 'sensitive' at this time or not.


It appears to be 'all about the outlay of deeper emotions' this week for the Crab; single or paired... you appear to 'really put it out there' and along with your heart... your mind and guts may be on the chopping block... leading to digestive distress and sleeplessness IF faced with any form of 'choices' especially you June Crabs [Read Gemini and then you'll understand, especially if you were born like 6/22 to 6/24.] It is a very secure and solid week for paired Crabs. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your stars show a rather 'good, relaxed and accomplished week' for most of you, with minor delays the 9th and possibly the 11th and even then isolated to only 'hours' -- And, I highly suspect that THOSE are likely to be 'times when you sacrifice for a pal' in some way. IF or when you do, go right back to 'whatever you were doing' as soon as the mini-crisis is over.


After the 8th is over, cooperation skyrockets, especially with power people, lending institutions, sales or purchases of big ticket items and other types of 'giant leaps ahead'. Permission may also be a part of this weeks activity OR, authentication, appraisal and some kind of 'legal judgment' could be involved in the process. Once you 'get the nod' everything may move on 'as planned'.