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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

Week of 18th August 2014 to 24th August 2014

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by changes in your financial situation. These changes should be able to help you decide which direction you want to take. Your friends will be there for you to lean on them, if need be. Others you deal with may be prone to erratic behavior, which may make you feel more rebellious than usual. Impractical ideas and unreliable communications can cause a strain in relationships. State your position clearly & try to understand others' positions. This may be a time of breakthrough and personal triumph. You may be delivering perfectly good ideas, but to the wrong audience. Polish up your presentation and find another group to focus on. Lucky Numbers: 18, 19, 24, 30, 40, 49 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


You may have to do a LOT of talking, calming, negotiating or other types of 'getting them through'. But it does appear you work rather hard, as if you are moving, redecorating or some other kind of 'bigger project' where order out food [pizza?] may be required at the ?end of a very demanding day, particularly the 20th to 22nd! The worst of it appear to be the 21st and once past that, you are close to clean up and the finish line. Things appear to become a LOT easier once the sun slips into Virgo on the 23rd and you can 'kick back' and recoup.


For many of you, especially over 25 to 30, this week may see romance set to the back burner. It does not mean you do not LOVE, it means other things are making big demands of you and distractions are highly likely. A few "I love you's" and a couple of hugs will buy you through the week. Place them on the 20th and 22nd. Single Sea Goats; this is not a 'quality week' and what you find may be 'entertaining' but the probability is that you will 'gradually lose contact' and find it doesn't work. There IS the rare Cappy that will meet 'the love of their lives' IF it hits right on the morning of the 23rd. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


A mistake you could make this week is ignoring friends and their needs the 18th to end of 19th and then discovering you have a TON of your own surfacing the 20th to 22nd. The 21st appears to be the MOST demanding and then you can call upon Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Gemini to help whatever it is!


Many of you can do your jobs 'with one hand tied behind your back' so to speak; in other words; you run on auto pilot often. Do NOT do that the 21st, please, especially if you work with your body, hands, fingers, arms and etc. Shoulder, forearm and finger/hand injuries rank highest for those who work with 'rhythm, repetition and assumption'. Other wise, this appears to be a rather profitable week for the Sea Goat, no matter WHAT the strata. IF you are a 'suit' be very careful to 'follow channels' the 20th to 22nd or risk 'an or else' clash with Leo, Cancer, Aries, Aquarius or other Capricorn power people.