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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 2nd May 2016 to 8th May 2016

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to get your point across. Work diligently on projects requiring fine detail. Avoid peers who want to get you involved in their personal dilemmas. You may want to help them, however you may get blamed for the outcome. You will learn more if you listen. Someone you know well will reveal information pertinent to your professional future. New friendships will develop through activities that include large groups. Move quickly if you see an opportunity to advance. Your timing must be impeccable. Don't hesitate to take that business trip you've been thinking about. The time to make deals is now. LUCKY NUMBERS: 4, 6, 10, 20, 30, 49 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


BE brief, be CLEAR, provide insight and 'short explanations' ALL WEEK... particularity if working with 'underlings' who often 'just don't get it'. Use notes, reminders, document things and paper your life with sticky notes... you HATE THEM... but which would you rather have? A few squares that annoy you for a couple weeks or a big fat mistake you have to work months to correct? You choose. Your Call. I am only here to serve... "ROAR!"... wink.


Love... R U KIDDING? There is ONLY one 'rule' or piece of insight or advice that will help EVERY Lion this week: Don't... do not... DON'T TALK MONEY. I don't care WHO... how long, what for... how little or any other thing you can imagine. NO MONEY TALK. Have a plan before you even buy a hot dog! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Keep pals on a 'need to know basis' until you are 'ready to crack it out' and make DANG sure you ARE ready -- or do NOT crack it out in front of anyone... 'trusted pal or not'. PERIOD... and that applies to deeply personal; mind, body, spirit... AND business.


You may be ALL 'no nonsense' this week and any 'non-professional behavior' may turn you off to the point where you can 'lose it'. Just zip your lip, especially around Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn power people the 3rd to 6th. Work alone when you can and remember cooperation is NOT reliable during a Mercury retrograde AND... retro in Taurus [money] means money issue rank HIGHEST.