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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 1st February 2016 to 7th February 2016

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your promise to stick to a set budget. Social activity should be on your agenda. Get involved in events that will benefit you, some volunteer work that will bring you satisfaction, not an empty wallet. Consider the source before you believe what you hear. Do your own research. You can make personal moves but they won't be settling. You need to reevaluate. You'll feel lucky. It isn't an earth shattering event. Therefore, why waste this opportunity? Go team go. You are energetic, inquisitive and certainly entertaining. You have adventure and excitement on your mind and will try anything at least once. You are fun-loving and quick to respond to anything and anyone. Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Your stars show you 'invest heavily' in the 2nd to 5th and this may be money, patience, time, EFFORT, skill or 'heart and soul' trying to support members and maintain a secure environment for ALL. Remember what our 16th president Abe Lincoln said about pleasing people... "Some of the people ALL of the time and ALL of the people SOME of the time... but not ALL the people ALL the time."


While this is not an 'ideal' week for love, especially for Paired Lions as 'squabbles' misunderstandings and other types of 'being at odds' with each other ARE possible but 'short lived'... it IS a good week for the single Lion, who may find they 'get lucky' the 1/2nd and again ['suddenly'] the 5th into 6th. You ARE prone to 'impulsive actions' mid day the 5th; so think things over before blurting them out... this applies to career in some cases, also. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your patience may dip badly the 1/2nd and you may be easily 'overloaded' the 3rd and surely the 6th -- and there is nothing like a good pal to 'have your back' provide an extra pair of hands OR, ears! New pals are indicated for the 3rd into 4th and may likely connect you career or networking, serving you very WELL in the 'long run'. Please make sure to tell your friends about this website. We need more readers to support the site. We've been publishing free horoscopes for the past 18 years and rely solely on advertising revenue. More readers will help us to continue forward. Thank you for your support.


It is very important to note one thing this week: Leave well enough alone' and make any BIG changes or roll the dice on big things NEXT week. Other than a lot of 'long distance dealings' some travel and a lot of 'chasing around' here and there ...back and forth... you don't show 'major problems' but the week is LITTERED with them for others and if you depend upon another, you may be touched by their problems.