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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 23rd November 2015 to 29th November 2015

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to focus on the inner work. You'll feel at home, no matter where you are. Self-expression might not be noticed right away, but by week's end, you'll feel more understood. You should know that your perspective can create the world around you. Your home is a favorite destination for people who need to recharge their batteries. Make them feel at home, continue the trend. Heads will turn when you walk in and take your rightful place. Your honesty and humor will dispel any rumors you having an attitude. You're a mix of mystery, love and humour. You have no interest in giving into unreasonable demands. Being tough might cost you, but it'll be well worth it. Your first response will be your best. However you should allow others to do the talking. You may have unpolished material that words cannot express. Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 24, 32, 44, 45 Read more...

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


IF you are 'head of family' or one of them... it's a busy, demanding week where you attention is distracted, divided and devoured... but it all lifts under the full Gemini Moon on the 25th, when you may easily be able to 'kick back' and enjoy yourself and if you can NOT, you WILL on the 29th for sure! Forgotten bills and responsibility is possible, so double check things so as NOT to ruin your week.


This is NOT a good week for the Lion as there are too many 'rushed and pressed energies' out there this week for your style, at least the majority of you. When you are young and full of hormones, you don't mind or care much about anything; discomfort, atmosphere, etc. but if you are over 30... you already KNOW; you have to be comfortable in 'all ways' when it comes to love and if you are NOT; it will not start -- or it will END quickly. Either way, your stars show you 'painfully aware of that' this week and it MAY start some of you 'thinking'. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Many of you appear to spend some 'quality time' with pals doing 'fun things' like sports, hobbies and common interests, especially the 25th and 29th, both excellent days to enjoy such things, especially sports on the 29th. High levels of contentment show for the EVENING but not the AM.


Your reputation IS 'gold' and it holds a value for most of you greater than or equal to... whatever you make in 18 months to 3 years at almost 'all times'. Do not violate that this week or RISK tarnish, backsliding or 'others around you picking sides'. Keep ALL info under this full moon 'open and above board' especially in communications, amounts, facts, figures and most of all... 'delivery or due dates'. Make no promises about 'delivering' unless you are 110% sure.